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The selection of materials is essential for accurate building renovation or restoration interventions. Choice and production of different types of lime, mortar, plaster and binders require very careful analysis and the preparation of samples, to allow for a thorough evaluation of both quality and suitability.

The process starts in the laboratory. After breaking down relevant samples, the Primat technicians analyze sands and aggregates to recreate the “skin” of the building. Through very careful selection of the raw materials, the composition of the new mix is established to reach the best possible solutions.

Evaluation of the required aesthetic effect offers both professionals and historical heritage preservation bodies a reliable tool to guarantee a successful outcome. To this end the Primat laboratory  prepares one or more series of samples of the formulas created, set on a mobile support, with different layering tests and veiling levels.

This allows in situ evaluation of the different application techniques, with a hands-on experience of possible results, a  way towards choosing the best solutions (and those most suited to the building), setting appropriate expense budgets and right implementation schedules.

Our materials archive at the service of your building stock.

Our approach enabled us to create a real and proper archive of historical mortars and finishings. Every study case is classified by recording the formula for the specific reproduction of mixes. Our archive is a precious support tool that Primat makes available to professionals, historical restoration bodies and architectural historians.